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Nicola Priestman BA (Hons)., PGDip, REG MBACP

Psychotherapist & Counsellor


Hello, my name is  Nicola Priestman - I am a qualified, licensed and experienced psychotherapist and counsellor. I run a private  practice from my office  in Preston, Lancashire. I have several years experience of working with adults and adolescents  in both education, health and charitable settings. This site is an introduction to me and the services that I can offer you. Please feel free to browse through my site, I hope it will help you get a sense of me, the way I will work with you, the services I provide and answer any questions you may have.

I'm registered  on the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy register as a psychotherapist and on the Counselling Directory. I am also on the Counsellors Directory. They are both public records of psychotherapists and counsellors who have met the standards for professional registration. The standards cover training, supervision, continuing professional development and a contractual commitment to the (BACP) Ethical Framework. Which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care.

The  very fact you have visited my site today means that you are contemplating psychotherapy, I am aware that it is not an easy decision to make, therapy can be hard work yes, but  equally it can be an enriching experience.  It is important to consider that it has the potential to change your life, not just for you, but for every one around you. However, it will require a level of commitment from you, not just financially, but emotionally and physically. It is also important to consider, that some other advertisements may offer a different opinion, such  as a 'quick fix' to all of your problems in a short amount of time. What I can tell you, is that this is rarely effective if you want to have lasting change.

Today you are taking the first steps, putting you first by  embracing an aspect of your life that may not currently be working for you, to gain an understanding perhaps, into self-defeating patterns  that may be sabotaging areas of you life, or it may be  to work through a challenging situation, or life crisis.  You may also feel "stuck", a feeling of needing to move on, but unable to. Or behaving a certain way with no idea why ?

Psychotherapy & Counselling  can help, it can liberate you from the isolation and loneliness of living with what can often seem unbearable. How? - by providing you with an opportunity  to explore those feelings  with someone, who is completely on the outside looking in, rather than with a friend, family, work colleague or other. It also offers you  a safe, non judgemental and confidential space.​ As a result of therapy, you may find that you can now deal with the things that once seemed impossible and face challenges, take risks and even gain a higher sense of purpose /self awareness. By bringing your true self out of storage, it allows you to live a self fulfilling life. Remember when your body and mind work the way nature intended, your spirit soars and so do you!!.

I am aware of the stigma that surrounds mental health and of how anxious you may feel at the thought of seeking  further support. Please remember that your therapy is always run at your pace, keeping this in mind, be rest assured, that I am here to  support you every step of the way !!  The therapy will be re-assessed at regular intervals  to ensure that your needs are being met. I offer sessions  on a weekly basis and the number of them you will have is completely determined by  you, and of the factors of your referral. You will only have as  many therapy sessions as you see fit.


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